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What We Offer

Friendly, professional service

At Wilk & Partners you can expect only the most professional services while we turn your imagination into reality. We have access to a team of experts to ensure the highest level of satisfaction for our customers following up on extensive discussions of ideas and opportunities with customers and then we design and prepare documentation plans accordingly. Our staff are always pleased to explore any of your questions regarding your project with reference to our extensive experience on a wide range of previous projects.

Site development feasibility

Feasibility study is an important aspect for any construction project as it is an assessment of the suitability and practicality of the project in terms of a wide range of factors. We can realistically evaluate the development potential of your site prior to or following purchase reassuring you that your intended project is feasible within development standards and realistic in regard to your intended building budget. We make sure the project and plans are feasible and realistically suit the consent authority regulations.

Preparation of a brief/sketches based on client consultation

At Wilk and Partners we believe that all your ideas should be initially explored in the context of regulation prior to embarking on a specific design approach. This ensures we will be heading towards an appropriate design likely to be given consent. The sketch plans make clear to all that we are headed in the correct direction and we are primed for successful completion of your project. Alterations to the design although disruptive are always possible along the approval pathway according to our customers changed circumstances as we always facilitate as a highest priority our customer satisfaction.

Construction administration & monitor building work

We can administer your building contract and works as required during tender and construction processes. Our office if instructed will be involved in overall planning, coordination and control of a particular project from beginning to completion. Our involvement provides an additional layer of scrutiny and over sight over and above the Private Certification system while the project progresses smoothly. We constantly liaise with the selected consultants as we can address the technicalities directly which may not be immediately apparent to the builder alone. We always keep an eye on your interests as your chosen construction agent.

Construction detailing

We can administer your building contract works as required during tender and construction project phases. Larger scale detailed drawings can be prepared as required for your construction and tendering purposes. We work together with many skilled consultants to achieve the desired project. Our continued involvement in necessary site discussions with your builder during your project in relation to detailing issues or unexpected design anomalies eliminates avoidable delay and cost overruns. We find that clarity of purpose during the site discussions combined with our extensive knowledge eliminates consequential delays in the building process and smooth progress of the works keeping all parties content.

Liaison with consultants

Larger scale detailed drawings can be prepared as required for your construction and tendering purposes. We work together with many talented consultants as required to achieve the desired project results.

Pre-DA Consultation with Council

In difficult cases we would need to lodge a preliminary Development Application to obtain Council design feedback for your project ahead of a full DA submission. We help our customers understand when this type of DA is required. At the outset there may be obvious non-compliance with planning codes which cannot be overcome however the design may have outstanding merit and be appropriate within the context of surrounding development. Clarification of the existing issues relating the site is then possible prior to the final expenditure in relation to a full DA application. If your project involves major development, like rebuilds, extensions, alterations and additions or heritage restoration, we are able to contact and have a face to face meeting with a duty planner at the Council to discuss your proposal.

Owner/Builder project documentation and advice

We can also provide full project documentation, consents and amended consents as required for Owner-Builders and resident occupiers for smaller projects. We are pleased to provide ongoing advice to our customers as in our experience it produces superior results for any project. Thorough documentation and discussions with our Architect is our aim as this helps customers understand the core design for the project and enables our customers to differentiate between competing design imperatives.

Neighbouring Development Submissions

We are often requested to lodge submissions on behalf of land owners who are affected by notified new development on nearby land. Our extensive knowledge of the area and the planning codes can often achieve amicable resolutions prior to determination by Council.

Development & Construction Certificate Applications, Complying Development and Affordable Rental Housing

Our office also provides effective suggestions, advice and documentation in relation to preparation of Council Development and Construction Certificate Applications, Complying Development Certificate and Affordable Rental Housing submissions. We have extensive experience with alternative state government legislation which provides expedited pathways for Dual Occupancy development or Secondary Dwellings. In many cases this can greatly reduce your application processing duration.